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        Welcome to John Williams Textile Machinery Sales

        Leading the way in new and used textile machines for 30 years

        For fast approaching 30 years John Williams Textile Machinery Sales Ltd has been selling used industrial knitting machines and associated equipment.

        From the early beginnings in the trade John Williams quickly built a reputation for supplying quality used equipment and attracted an amazing spread of customers worldwide.

        The company has technical staff that can work on almost all industrial flat knitting machines along with a large directory of freelance resources to call on.

        Machines generally are offered fully cleaned, complete and knit tested. During our time in the business we also have built a great knowledge of logistics and shipping so getting the machine to you is no problem!

        Today the company trades mainly in Stoll and Shima Seiki knitting machines, and occasionally in Protti, Universal and Stieger machines.

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